What is the acceptance rate ?
100% as long as you have a bank card 
Do you charge any interest ?
Do you do credit checks ?
When is deposit paid ? 
On your chosen appointment date 
How much is the deposit ? 
Does my deposit come off of my balance ?
Yes all deposits are taken off total amount 
How much do you pay per week or Month ?
It’s £10 a week or £50 a month
Pay weekly credit limit ?
£600 anything over is added to deposit
Payments do I need for your services ? 
£50 deposit – £10 per week – fitting fee 
Roughly what can £600 cover ? 
1 large & 1 small room , 2 bedrooms, HSL 
So can i have my whole house done ?
Of course but only £600 can be pay weekly 
Areas do you cover ? 
Full United Kingdom coverage
England, Wales, Scotland
How can i check my account ? 
Click on the Portal Login text message 
Can i make over payments ? 
Of course on the Portal Login 
When can i re order ? 
Once your account is below £250 
How many different laminate colours ? 
We have 8 and they are 8mm in thickness 
How many different vinyl patterns ?
Are vinyl range is 44 and growing 
Does vinyl come with underlay ?
No (we use felt back vinyl ) so not required
How many different carpet colours ? 
Our luxury pay weekly range has 20 colours 
Is carpet underlay Free ? 
Yes and its 8mm in thickness 
Are doorbars included ? 
Yes but to a maximum of three per room
Colour of doorbars ? 
We only supply Chrome 
how do i contact the office ? 
01206 692360 Monday-Friday 8:30-5pm
What is the price for fitting room ? 
£50-£80 Depends on size and style 
What is the price for fitting stairs ?
£80-£150 depends on size and style 
What is the price for fitting laminate ? 
£10 per m2 minimum charge £150
Why is laminate more expensive to fit ? 
It’s a higher specialist job 
Is the fitting fee included in the price ? 
Unfortunately not fitters are self-employed
Paying the fitting fee ? 
Cash payment on your chosen fitting date 
Time will my fitter arrive ?
Between 8am-6pm 
If not happy after your fitting ?
Please call office we will issues a service call 
Do you cover weekend fittings ? 
We try and avoid these as the office is closed
Can i contact my area fitter ? 
Yes please call the office to obtain the information 
Do i lose my deposit if i cancel ?
Unfortunately yes 
Refunds and charges ? 
Refunds are 7-10 days with 25% chargeback